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Get Into It

1) Listen to excerpt from Freakonomics Podcast.or
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Common Core Alignment

Common Core: Podcasting is a great tool to develop literacy skills and it aligns well with Common Core ELA standards. In particular, it helps develop Writing, Speaking, and Listening Skills.

Practice Assignment for Podcasting

Today we will practice creating a basic podcast using the curriculum put together for NPR's program "This I Believe" by Read Write Think. This assignment can be used in a number of areas in the classroom, including:
  • Expository Writing: Students can write a This I Believe style essay to explain or inform about any topic.
  • Persuasive Writing: Students can use This I Believe to argue for or against an idea, position, or action.
  • Literary Analysis: Students can take on the persona of a character and write from a different POV, showing an ability to analyze character motivation.

Step 1
1) Choose one of the selected types of writing above. Feel free to relate to an upcoming assignment or reading in your class.
2) Use graphic organizer to write quick draft of podcast. Click here for graphic organizer.
3) Record your podcast using audio recording program.

4) When you are satisfied with your audio, you have the option to insert introduction music. You can either import from iTunes or save a file from Freeplaymusic.com.
5) Share

Podcasting using NPR's "This I Believe": This website has numerous resources, examples, and tutorials on creating podcasts in the classroom.

Examples of Podcasting Being Used in the English/ Language Arts Classroom

This I Believe Examples


  • Literature Circles: These Literature Circle Discussions are from Mr. Watson's Class, South Oldham High School, Crestwood, KY.
  • Book Talk: I discuss the fundamental principles of Fancy Nancy with my 4 year old.

  • Story Time: A kindergarten class records an interactive story time using podcasting
  • Book Review: Incarceron is a place where the prisoners never escape.


  • Expository Writing: In this podcast, a 5th grade students explains her choices for the Top 10 Family Friendly Dogs. More Podcasts from this classroom.
  • A piece of narrative writing, where a 7th grade Social Studies student takes on the role of a person involved in the Saharan Salt Trade.

Literature Review on Benefits of Podcasting in Education

Malcolm Gladwell - Outliers


You can publish your podcasts to the web (and even to iTunes if you like) through the free website: Podbean.com

That's A Wrap

1) Write a brief reflection on your thoughts about the possibilities technology offers for improving literacy in the classroom. This can be poetry, prose, or whatever form you choose. When you finish writing, record your reflection as a podcast. Be prepared to share.
Andrew's Reflection:
Reflection #2:

Reflection #3:

Reflection #4:

Reflection #5:

Reflection #6:
Reflection #7:

Conroy's Pod:



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