A great way to mix writing with both audio and visual technology is a website called VoiceThread. At this website students can narrate over images and give several layers of texture to their writing.

Introduction to Voice Thread

VoiceThread Practice Assignment

1) Choose a favorite poem or brief passage of prose.
2) Choose an image that you believe relates to the theme of the passage you've chosen. A couple of good places to look for images:

3) Write a brief piece analyzing a key theme in the poem and explaining how the image you've chosen exemplifies the key theme of the passage.
4) Using VoiceThread, complete the following:
  • Upload and import the image
  • Record yourself reading the passage
  • Record your analysis explaining the relation of the image to the poem.
5) Share. Invite someone to respond back.

Examples of VoiceThread in the Classroom

VoiceThread in English: This I Believe

VoiceThread in Social Studies

VoiceThread in Social Studies 2

Resources for Digital Story Telling

Digital Literacy: A multitude of resources for Podcasting, VoiceThread, and Digital Storytelling.

ISTE: A wonderful wiki I discovered at a session at the NCTE conference. Resources for Digital Storytelling and improving student presentations.

Center for Digital Storytelling: A great resource with lots of examples of digital storytelling.

Digital Storytelling Practice Assignment

Create a Book Trailer

1) Step 1: Choose a recently read or favorite book.
2) Step 2: Write a script for a movie trailer version of the book. Be sure to include introduction to main characters, setting, and conflict.
3) Step 3: Choose 3-5 images that tie in to your trailer. Save these images from the internet to your desktop.
4) Step 4: Choose background music that matches the mood of your story. Save that to iTunes.
5) Step 5: Using iMovie, combine images, titles, music, and narration to create a trailer for your book.
  • Resources for Images
    • Google images
    • Flickr creative commons
    • iStockphoto
  • Resources for Music
    • Freeplaymusic.com
    • 300monks.com


1) Example #1: The Giver Book Trailer