Teachers will leave this session with:
1) Their own wikispace site.
2) An understanding of basic wiki functions.
3) Ideas for implementing wikis to support literacy instruction in the classroom.

A wiki is a website that allows for multiple users to add, edit, and amend content that ranges from text, to hyperlinks, to audio-visual, or any other type of content you can find on the web. A wiki, in some ways, is like a piece of writing. It is never really finished. It is a process and a product. It offers users an ability to collaborate in real time, while at the same time creating a content rich website.

The Case for Wikis in the Classroom
Wikis help develop the 21st Century Skills, Collaboration, Creativity, Innovation, Communication, and Critical Thinking, as well as developing Media Literacy skills that students will have to possess to navigate the world of Web 2.0.

1) Wikis: Promoting Collaborative Literacy through Affordable Technology in Content-Area Classrooms
by Biranna Carney-Strahler. Creative Education, 2011.
2) Uses and Potentials of Wikis in the Classroom by S. Pixy Ferris and Hilary Wilder. Innovate, 2006.
3) Wikis and Literacy Development Keith McPherson. Teacher Librarian, 2006.

1. Sign Up for Wikispaces Account for Educators- Tony
2. Decide on Look and Feel of Wiki- Andrew
  • Example Logos
  • Hidden Logo Messages
  • Video Sophistication - Compare both videos. How do they vary? How many times does the camera shot change in the first 30 seconds in both videos.

3. Text- Andrew
4. Creating Links- Tony
5. Files- Andrew
6. Break (15 minutes)
7. Widgets- Tony
8. Adding Pages- Andrew
9. Time for Exploration and Creation
10. Sharing Out

Helpful Education Wikis
1) Best Wikis in Education 2011
2) Wiki Tips for Teachers
3) Example Social Studies Unit on Wikispaces
4) Mr. Sheehy's English Wiki (Great Example)